Session 1 Notes

Session 1 Notes

Carrie, Sara, and Caitlin are a group of wilderness guides operating out of Deadwood. They and Trevor’s and Charlie’s characters are hired to go after a rumored cache of Coalition weapons and equipment in the ruins of Salt Lake City by two NPCs, Caleb and Raul. They have an old Coalition patrol map that shows where in the Ruins a patrol of 12 soldiers stored spare equipment.

The characters will have time to get to know each other during the trip from Deadwood to Salt Lake. The trip takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. There is one encounter on the way.
Minor Encounter 1

Scene 1
Once arrived at Salt Lake, it is nightfall. The group will make camp inside a partially collapsed parking structure. During the night, mutants attack.

Major Encounter 1
9 Mutants Attack
1 NPC dies immediately, before anyone can react, in a horrific fashion: by having his throat ripped out. The other, the one holding onto the Coalition map, is dragged off during combat. Effectively, there are 8 mutants fighting the PCs.

The players, either that night or the next morning, will track the Mutants to an old high school. There is 1 minor encounter on the way to the school, with 4 non-violent mutants outside of a courthouse.
Minor Encounter 2

Once on their way, they will see a few mutant animals of verious types watching them, but never approching. If approached, they flee. The party comes to the school. the chainlink fencing is still up and even patched in some places. There are 4 wolves outside guarding the entrance. If the PCs attempt to approach, they will be stopped and questioned first. If the PCs indicate anything other than that they are there to speak to Fargo (by name), they are told to leave. If the warning is ignored, they are attacked.

If they make it inside without combat, they are led to Fargo directly and Major Encounter 2 begins. If combat is resorted to, they must fight their way to the Gym, where Fargo has made his Court. There are 4 groups of 2d6 wolves each, all will be alerted to the PCs presence before the PCs arrive, so it’s constant combat all the way through.
Major Encounter 2

Once the encounter is resolved, the party is now free to go after the treasure. Travel is a few hours on foot, deep into the Ruins.

The cache is hidden in a grocery store, that’s in surprisingly good condition. If the party decides to check the building before entering, they will note thick webbing near the windows, and behind the building (not in view of the road they approach on) there is a cocooned coalition soldier. The armor is destroyed, but he has an old Wilk’s Laser pistol on him if checked.

Once entering the building, Major Encounter 3 begins.
Major Encounter 3

Session 1 Notes

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