House Rules

MDC changes:
MDC = *10 instead if *100 vs SDC

Armor changes:
All armor now has an AR, not just SDC armor. The AR is dependent on actual coverage of the armor, and can never be higher than 18. 18 is most full-body armors with a helmet. Full body armor without a helmet has an AR of 16, and partial has an AR of 14. Partial + helmet is 16. Psionic armor has no AR, and just blocks damage.

E-clips can be recharged with proper equipment at the rate of 20% per hour by someone with Field Armorer. If proper equipment is not available, the Field Armorer can scavenge wiring and power supplies to produce 10% recharge per hour. At a minimum, the Armorer requires a power source, power converter, and wiring.

Combat changes:
Crits max out damage, and hit position must be determined for additional effects. Random hit location is not used except for crits.

Location table d8:
1 – Head – Dazed, -5 to all attacks for the next round.
2 – Leg – Speed reduced by half until healed or otherwise mitigated.
3-6 – Torso – Standard, no extra effect.
7-8 – Arm – Attacks are at -3 until healed/repaired. Can stack 3 times.

Ranged weapons:
The range listed is the MAX range. The to-hit table is now as follows:
Example: Juicer rifle with 4000 ft range. Enemy is at approximately 3000 ft (long range, as it is 75 percent of the max range). The Juicer has a -3 to hit at this range.

Cover Rules :
Cover adds to the characters AR (or gives a base AR if the character is not wearing armor). Chart is as follows :
Light cover
Partial bushes, fencing, etc
+1 AR, gives a base 10.
Partial cover
Thick fencing, doors, furniture. +2 AR, 12 base.
Full cover
Walls, vehicles, other players. +2 AR, 14 base.

House Rules

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