Session 2 Notes

Overview: The party makes their way out of the Ruins of Salt Lake City, heading back to Deadwood. But they run into trouble on the way.

On the way out of the Ruins, they are observed by Mutants but not interfered with. If any Mutants are approached they will flee too quickly to be caught.

Outside the city by about an hour, the PCs hear engines getting closer. They quickly find out who they are: a large group (2d12) of armed raiders.

“Well, lookee here. Came for Muties and found you instead. You guys aren’t too lucky.”

Combat ensues, although the raiders aren’t interested in killing them. They want to capture them.

Major Encounter 4

If the PCs win the combat (unlikely), they are able to make off with the remaining vehicles. They are rugged offroad trucks, and one of them is able to carry the party and any loot they want to take with them. One of the items of interest is a Coalition wanted poster, offering a reward for Mutant, Psi’s, D-Bees and any other non-pure Human. The reward is 5000 tokens each.

If the raiders win, they will patch up the PCs that have serious wounds (they don’t want them dead), and cage them in the back of one of the trucks. Their intent is to sell them to the Coalition at Lone Star. During the long trip from Salt Lake to Lone Star, the Raiders run into a problem. There is a minefield on the road just outside of Roswell, NM.

Session 2 Notes

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