Major Encounter 1

The party is getting their camp set up for the night in a partially collapsed parking structure. They are attacked suddenly, just before dusk, by nine large humanoid Wolves. The wolves are all outfitted roughly the same.

The first wolf jumps on top of one of the NPCs (Caleb) and kills him by ripping out his esophagus with it’s teeth. During the ensuing fight, another wolf grabs the other NPC (Raul) and runs out of the structure with him.

Three wolves will leave once the other five have been killed or subdued.

Wolf IQ 12 PS 18 PP 16 PE 20 PB 8 MA 8 ME 9 SP 20 SDC 40 HP 35 INIT + 1
Tough Hide: 80 SDC
Rough Leather and Metal MDC Vest: 20 MDC, 12 AR
Bite Attack: 1d6 MD
MD Claws: 1d6 MD
Low Light Vision
Height 6’0"

1d20 once each wolf
1 Backpack
2 Compass
3 Air Filter
4 Lighter
5 Flashlight
6 Spare E-Clip (empty)
7 Knife
8 Sleeping Bag
9 Rope
10 Field Radio
11 Binoculars
12 Bag of Dice
13 Suture Tape
14 LED Lantern
15 Sunglasses
16 Telescopic Scope
17 Dosimeter
18 Motion Detector
19 Battery x2
20 Nothing

Major Encounter 1

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